About the Falls Resort

aboutfallsresortThe Falls Resort at Manuel Antonio features an award winning boutique hotel and restaurant small enough to insure a romantic getaway but large enough to accommodate groups of up to 60 people. Designed with a jungle garden, the hotel is perfectly located for all of the most popular activities in Manuel Antonio.

Our mission is to create an exceptional experience where guests feel like family, adventures are launched, and memories are made.

Costa Rica’s Beautiful Central Pacific

As owners and managers of the property, we searched dozens of cities and looked at hundreds of properties over more than three years to find the perfect boutique hotel where fun could be had all year long. In a country with more than five major climate zones, it is no wonder Costa Rica has so many plant and animal varieties. In the northwest region of the country, Guanacaste, the weather is typically more hot and dry, while just east of there in the highlands, there is a cool mist that hangs around much of the year. In the south the abundance of jungles and warmer temperatures can bring more than 100 inches of additional rainfall than the northern region. This means the animal life and plant life are different, and the rainy season is wetter. We fell in love with the Central Pacific region, where there is a pleasant season of afternoon and evening rains, much like south Florida, enough to keep the land lush and green, and where mountains meet the rivers and beaches supporting adventures of all sorts.

Plans for the Future

Sometimes when you start a new project or buy a new car, you get ´buyers regret´, but the opposite has happened since we opened in Manuel Antonio. Our family continues to be overwhelmed by the kindness of the Costa Rican people and our expectations for almost everything have been exceeded. We continually work each year to add new things to the property, constantly supporting the abundant wildlife that lives in our garden and surrounds. After opening an incredible restaurant and putting in stone floors and showers in each room, we have turned our attention toward more amenities and features that will enhance the level of guest comfort. We are always looking for your input, so please let us know what you would like to see.

We are actively involved in the Titi Conservation Alliance that has helped increase the number of red-back squirrel monkeys from near extension to daily visitors you are likely to see sitting in the restaurant or at the pool.

In Closing

Life is really what you make it, so make it great. We intend to see the world´s greatest sights, and to share them with our friends and family and we would love to have you join us!

We are delighted that groups are already calling us to help create their ultimate trip of adventure and learning. If you want customized trips to places that very few others have had a chance to go with people who know these lands like no other, give us a call. There are thousands of plant and animal species here, but the Costa Rican people are what make it wholly unique.

We are delighted to be here and know that you will be too. Make plans to come visit us soon!

Warm Regards,
Richard Lackey

Managing Director, The Falls Resort at Manuel Antonio
United States :     888-655-6776
Costa Rica :        506-2777-1332
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